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Payroll is a sensitive task for every business.

FCI Services Ltd provides a comprehensive liable solution.

  • Consulting in employment, human resources and insurance matters.
  • Set-up and maintenance of electronic payroll systems.
  • Preparation for monthly/weekly payroll, calculation of social insurance contributions, monthly PAYE.
  • Preparation of annual Employee Tax Returns (I.R7 and I.R63).

Payroll is a sensitive faction and of high expense for any company which need to be handled at an attentive in confidential manner.

Accurate and timely payroll and pension administration is of vital importance to any business with employees. For a lot of businesses it could be unnecessary and expensive to have a dedicated payroll clerk or department, as well as ensuring that their knowledge is up to date with the ever-changing taxation issues, employment legislation, GDPR and potential non-compliance penalties.

Our specialist in-house payroll team is here to ensure your payroll is processed in a confidential and efficient manner. We will advise you of the monthly tax and social insurance – national health deductions you have made from your employees and what you are due to pay for each monthly deadline.