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FCI Services Ltd is the solution for every business, in whichever industry it operates. With lower costs, as opposed to maintaining an internal accounting department, FCI Services Ltd ensures updated and accurate accounts at all times – a basic requirement for a healthy business!

In the long run, the evaluation and access to current and historical financial data serves a crucial role in day to day as well as strategic decision making. In today’s world, banks and other lending institutions will not be willing to negotiate financing and other banking facilities without accurate financial information and reliable budgeted cash flows.

Furthermore, in today’s unpredictable economic conditions, the need for accurate financial data, solid financial planning as well as effective financial consultation, is greater than ever before. FCI Services is your strategic ally in today’s adverse economic environment.

We provide specialised services to large enterprises for reinforcement of their accounting department and for certain company functions that might require confidentiality like company payroll or supplementary accounting activities.

In regards to small to medium-sized enterprises, FCI Services Ltd offers cost-efficient solutions for handling all accounting needs

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